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Sensor Breakout Boards

£6.78 £3.39 (£4.07 UK, incl VAT)
The RPI-1031 tilt sensor is capable of sensing a change in orientation in four different directions: forward, back, left or right. This breakout board makes...
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£0.75 £0.38 (£0.46 UK, incl VAT)
Simple breakout board from Sparkfun BOB-08891 for the MQ-2, MQ-3, MQ-4, MQ-6 and MQ-7 gas sensors. All you need is VCC at 5V, GND, and a resistor to an ADC,...
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£1.02 £0.51 (£0.61 UK, incl VAT)
This breakout board is designed to work with any of the MQ-series gas sensors, simplifying the interface from 6 to 3 pins - ground, +5V VCC, and an analog...
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