About Us

Technobots is part of the Warwickshire, UK based Technobots Online Group.

Technobots was established in 2001 supplying parts to combat robot builders (hence the origins of the company name). Technobots has continued to grow into an international supplier of electronic and mechanical components to the hobbyist, education and trade sectors with over 8,000 products. Technobots can provide many hard to find, as well as commonly available, parts for electrical, electronic and mechanical based projects.

Technobots has expanded to form the Technobots Online Group; including makertronics.co.uk and gearsandsprockets.co.uk. The expansion has allowed Technobots to focus on specific product / market areas, ensuring that each website is tailored to the needs of it's particular customer base.

 Check out our Company Bio's page for more details on what we do.