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MakerBeam available from the UK

MakerBeam is a T-slot technology that makes complex machine building easier and more effective. products available from Technobots fit perfectly with many products we already stock to open up a hardware building platform for your next project.

T-slot is a popular technology widely used for industrial automation, robotics and machine enclosures. These compatible mini-T components simplify complex machine building and give you enormous flexibility.

We also stock OpenBeam which uses a 15x15mm profile

Miniature size

The MakerBeam beams are made of aluminum with a 10x10mm profile. Making it the smallest and strongest T-slot system. FischerTechnik for example is 15x15mm and made of nylon. Everyone else is larger still, starting at 20mm. We also stock OpenBeam which uses a 15x15mm profile to compliment the MakerBeam range for larger constrcutions and some parts are interchangeable due to the common use of M3 fixings.

Professional prototyping

MakerBeam offers precise and strong elements to build machines and robots. The Mini-T technology gives you the freedom to both integrate mechanical and electronic components. Prototyping also becomes easier using MakerBeam. No more improvised structures when you want to integrate various components into one machine. A wide variety of structural designs for machine frames and factory equipment is possible.

Standard components

MakerBeam uses standard elements like M3 nuts and bolts. The design is tweaked to allow circuit boards to slot right into the sides. Standoffs can bolt directly to the beams as well as motor mounts. You can mount servos with the use of brackets. There are no fixed positions for mounting giving you endless possibilities. Build a fire-breathing robot dinosaur, a miniature CNC machine or that perfect enclosure to hold the circuitry for you custom electronics project. Technobots welcome any suggestions for new ideas for accessories with a view to us manufacturing the more popular suggestions.


  • Shorter design and assembly times.
  • All elements can be combined.
  • Threaded connections make for safe and easy assembly and dismantling.
  • All elements can be reused. No welding is needed.
  • Low weight structure with high loading capacity.
  • Aluminum profiles provide attractive design.
  • Black anodised beams can be useful in photography.


  • Dimensions: 1x1cm width and height, lengths from 40 to 900mm
  • Weight: 1.3 gram per cm
  • Material: Aluminum, V2.0 6063-T5 black anodised
  • Fixing size nuts and bolts: M3
  • Material nuts and bolts: stainless steel
  • Brackets: different angles (45°, 60°, 90°)
  • Bracket material: stainless steel