OpenBeam has now been replaced by our MakerBeamXL

To compliment our range of MakerBeam, we now stock OpenBeam. Whilst very similar in concept, OpenBeam has a 15x15mm profile compared to the 10x10mm profile of MakerBeam. The larger profile of OpenBeam makes it more suitable for the larger construction and our tests have shown the rigidity of OpenBeam to be significantly better than MakerBeam (to be expected) for long unsupported lengths of beam under load where minimum deflection is important.

We will be stocking both MakerBeam and OpenBeam because together, they provide the raw material source for a much wider range of applications than either one can provide alone. Both systems are based around a 3mm slot and M3 fixings which means there can be some overlap between the two allowing for a mix and match. The photos below shows a test rig using a mix of both MakerBeam and OpenBeam brackets as well as our Igus bearings, pulleys, shafts and linear bearings.


You can find out more about MakerBeam here and OpenBeam below