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Subminiature microswitch with 20mm lever

1A Subminiature 20mm Lever Microswitch

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The smallest body size of our microswitches, these subminiatures are similar to the V5 standard. Rated at 1A at 125Vac maximum, these are ideal for end of travel limit switches on CNC machines / 3D printers.

This microswitch has a flat lever 20mm long.



  1. Operating Force: 60~70gf;
  2. Life: ≥ 500,000Cycles;
  3. Pins: 3 straight Pins, ideal for PCB mounting
  4. Size of Body: 12.8mm x 5.8mm x 5.8mm (LxWxH);


  1. Rated V/I: 125VAC/1A;
  2. Contact Resistance: ≤30mΩ;
  3. Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ;
  4. Withstand Voltage: 250VAC for 1Min;


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