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DSN-VC288 Dual 10A Ammeter / 100V Voltmeter, Blue / Red LED

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From our Makertronics branded range of products at Everyday Low Prices. A LED panel meter featuring a voltage and current (amps) display.


  • 3-Pin JST (voltmeter): Red + supply, black - supply, yellow voltage being monitored
  • 2-Pin JST (ammeter): Red +, black -


  • Overall dimensions: 48 long by 29 wide by 22.5mm deep.
  • Panel cut-out: 46 x 27mm
  • Power supply voltage: 4.5 to 30V absolute maximum
  • Power supply current: 20mA
  • Resolution 0.1V / 0.01A
  • Measuring voltage range: 0-100V
  • Measuring current range: 0-10A
  • Accuracy: Claimed 1% but in practice will require adjustment of the two trimmers against a known voltage and current. Even then, 1% may be optimistic but for around £3, it is still pretty good.  

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