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950D501 RE 385 Metal Geared Motor 50:1

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MFA Como Drills 950D501

Output rpm at:

4.5V = 94
6V = 126
9V = 189
12V = 252
15V = 315
Output theoretical torque (g/cm) at 12V, max efficiency = 3625, stall torque 20880


1450-100 to 106 Motor Performance (Note: 1450-107 to 113 Similar)
Nominal Voltage Current (A) Torque (g/cm) Speed (rpm) Efficiency (%) O/P Power (W)
12 0.155 0 11000   No Load
12 0.837 65.3 9821 61.85 max 6.21
12   417.6 Stall 0   0

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I'm currently operating this motor in a model using the Fingertech ESC, but I find the motor operates slower in one direction than the other. The motor is connected to a 6mm screwed rod to lift and lower a crane arm. Even without any load on the end of the arm the motor is slow on lowering but fine on raising. The ESC is fed through a Spektrum receiver . Is the Fingertech ESC not rated at a high enough amperage to operate this motor ?

Asked by John Collier | 11/12/2016, 12:33 | 1 answer(s)

Hello, For what I can see there aren't any model in the "Which wheel?" tab with a 6T type, which makes me wonder if the adaptors are the only direct fit with this gearbox shaft. Are there any wheels that fit directly? (preferably rubber and ~60mm) Thank you

Asked by Gil Abrantes | 03/11/2010, 01:47 | 1 answer(s)

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