Train Turntable by Tony Sawyer



A PECO turntable for OO gauge model railway (made from plastic kit not supplied with mechanical operating system) – motor above baseboard will be enclosed in water tower building.



This photo shows underside of turntable installed in baseboard with spindle fitted and electric loco circuit installed.





The electro mechanical control complete but wiring not connected.



The pierced steel panels are Technobot and are extremely useful if the layout of mechanical components cannot be prejudged, alterations during development are extremely easy.  The MFA motor, plastic chain and brass hub sprockets are also available from Technobots. Other parts came from scrap box but many could have been supplied by Technobots.



Operation:  Main disc is notched at centres to match rail positions.  Fine adjustment by semi circular slots to ensure track alignment.  Arm with wheel at end rides on main disc, until it drops into a notch - when drive motor is cut by microswitch.  To move to next track position ‘push to make’ switch at control energises solenoid which lifts wheel out of notch and motor is re-energised to drive to next position.  Control also has semi-permanent speed control of motor and reversing switch for same.