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Reflectance Sensor QTRX-MD-06RC, 6 Channel, 8mm Pitch, RC (Digital) Output

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This array of IR LED/phototransistor pairs is great for precisely identifying changes in reflectance (like line detection). It operates from 2.9 V to 5.5 V and offers dimmable brightness control independent of the supply voltage. In general, the closer the object, the higher the contrast between light and dark readings, but high-reflectance objects are generally detectable out to around 40 mm. This version features high-performance, low-current QTRX sensors with lenses.

pitch × sensors size
output max current optimal
LED board
8 mm × 6 45.0 × 20.0 RC (digital) 3.5 mA 14 mA 10 mm

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