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MakerBeam - Starter Kit in Clear Anodised, Threaded

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MakerBeam.eu offers Mini T-slot profiles. MakerBeam is a versatile structural system, the components give you endless building possibilities in miniature size. MakerBeam nuts and bolts are M3 size. The design allows circuit boards to slot right into the sides and beams, there are no fixed positions for mounting giving you the freedom to build your own design easily. To get you started we offer you our MakerBeam Starter Kit.

Our Clear Anodised Aluminium MakerBeam Starter Kit consist of various elements.

  • 50 Mini T-slot profile beams: 4x300mm, 8x200mm, 6x150mm, 16x100mm, 8x60mm, 8x40mm; 

  • 60 brackets: 24x90 degree, 12x60 degree, 12x45 degree, 12xoutside corner; 

  • 2 bags nuts and bolts (M3)

  • 1 Nut Spinner for the M3 fixings

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