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If you need to work out the distance between centres of any two timing pulleys, then this calculator will eliminate the long calculations or trial & error for you.



  Timing Pulley Distance Between Centres Calculator  
  Large Pulley Teeth Number T  
  Small Pulley Teeth Number T  
  Pitch   mm  
  Belt Length   mm  
  Large Pulley PCD   mm  
  Small Pulley PCD   mm  
  Distance Between Centres mm  
  How to use the Pulley Distance Calculator  
  1. Enter the number of teeth on the largest pulley  
  2. Enter the number of teeth on the smallest pulley  
  Note: if 1:1 ratio, enter the same number of teeth in both boxes  
  3. Enter the belt tooth pitch in mm, i.e. T5 is 5mm, T2.5 is 2.5mm  
  4. Enter the belt length in mm  
  The resulting answer is shown in the bottom yellow box. For information, the PCD of the pulleys is also shown in the other yellow boxes.  
  In order to achieve the correct tension, one of the pulleys should be adjustable.  
  Disclaimer: Whilst we have taken evey care to ensure this calculator gives the correct answer, Technobots cannot be held responsible for any errors and their consequencies.