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Wixel Shield for Arduino

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Description: This shield allows you to interface Wixel wireless modules to your Arduino (and other compatible products), enabling simple wireless programming, debugging, and control using standard Arduino software. Wixel developers can also use this item as a Wixel prototyping board.

The Wixel shield seamlessly enables a wireless link (with a typical range of ~50 feet) to duplicate the functionality of your Arduino’s USB interface, which means you can use the standard Arduino computer software to wirelessly program the Arduino, wirelessly debug sketches with the Arduino serial monitor and wirelessly communicate with the Arduino from your computer’s virtual COM port.

More generally, the shield can also be used for wireless communication between an Arduino or Arduino clone and other embedded systems (including additional Arduinos). Alternatively, this board can also be used without an Arduino as a general-purpose Wixel prototyping board.

Note: This shield does not include the Wixel wireless module, see related products below for the modules themselves.


  • Wireless sketch uploading using the standard Arduino IDE
  • General-purpose wireless serial communication between an Arduino and a computer or other electronics
  • Prototyping space for easier/cleaner construction of custom circuits
  • Shield-accessible Arduino reset button and pin 13 LED
  • Four general-purpose 2/3 voltage dividers (can be used to safely connect 5V signals to 3.3V inputs)
  • Two general-purpose MOSFETs (can be used as level-shifters or high-current outputs)
  • Wixel socket allows the Wixel to be removed and used for other applications


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