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They are relatively low power motors then. It is hard to imagine wheelchair drive motors only being 30W, 250W upwards is more common.

Regardless, based on what you have advised, I would suggest a reversing RC relay part number 3400-042 for the actuator assuming you need centre off.

For the 30W drive motors, the Sabertooth 12A controller part number 1506-006 will be fine.
Hi, the drive motors are 30watt 24v. The actuator is the same.I only need 1speed for that, forward and reverse.



We really need to know the spec of the motors in terms of voltage and power or voltage and current, both at the design output.

As for the actuator, are you looking to have that as variable speed as well with full reverse. We will again need to spec as above for this motor as well.

If you can let us know, we will try and help.

I need help with product selection. I have hacked up an old power wheelchair and made a power wheelbarrow. I need to buy a controller for 2x 24v brushed motors (not sure of the spec but they are going to be fairly heavy duty) plus a 24v actuator. A compatible R/c option would be fun- I have a selection of transmitters available. Thansk, Andrew.

All of our engine sound units are are MKII release so no sure which one you mean. This is why we ask that support questions are posted under the FAQ tab of the product concerned. If you go to the particular sound unit, click on the FAQ tab and post your question there, someone will get back to you.
your mark11 engine sound simulator is it possible that it will work on a static model boat without TX & RX

As your question is product specific, it has been answered under the FAQ tab of the product
Can you suggest a suitable ESC for your micro motor Part No.: 1451-445 with forward and reverse control. I have used several of these motors in building a scale replica heavy vehicle recovery truck mounted on a Tamiya 1;14 truck chassis. The motors have been utilised for folding and extending the boom systems and would like to control their function via the joysticks on the RC

Sorry but we have never stocked EMD motors or their spares. Best bet if you already haven't done so is to contact EMD direct.
I am looking for a replacement brush holder for an early EMD unit, can you help or direct me please? I have photos of the item if it helps.
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