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22/05/2015, 20:26


Sorry but we have no experience of stick the gears together or do we know the exact plastic material they are made from. Therefore it may be trial and error to find the most suitable but I would suggest trying JB Weld PlasticWeld as a starter."

22/05/2015, 16:30

"Hi Technobots
I have just bought 2 mfa plastic 10 tooth gears that I need to mate to a 22 tooth spur gear to make a double spur gear to fit on a splined shaft what adhesive would you recommend

Regards Peter


27/03/2015, 11:36


As per our shipping page, Zone 15 is for the US and Canada so yes, will work for you. Priority is quicker than the economy method. FedEx is much quicker than Airmail Post."

27/03/2015, 11:29

"What is Worldwide Zone 15 FedEx Priority? Were from the US in PA will this shipping option work for us?"

20/03/2015, 15:11


We will miss not having the Banebots wheels. Another method I have used to attach wheels is to use the 4607-065 brass insert with a plastic hubbed wheel drilled out to 5mm bore. There is a picture of a wheel that we also no longer stock but does show the principle of using the insert."

19/03/2015, 16:44

Yes, the motors are geared ( they are identical to those in the banebots hex adapter description) and are for a robot that will have to push a 'flag' https://www.studentrobotics.org and will have to be around 10-20mm wide

19/03/2015, 16:18


I assume you have a geared motor, not a motor without a gear box?

As we have had to discontinue our Banebots range of wheels, we do not have any real alternatives.

We have a number of wheels for 3mm 'D' shaft geared motors. What width of tyre do you need and what is the application? "

19/03/2015, 15:57

I have a pair of 12v MFA motors with 4mm shafts,that I want to use as drive motors.
What would an appropriate wheel be with around a 50mm diameter?"

30/01/2015, 12:10

"Dear R Randle,

There is a section in the MakerBeam category for nuts and bolts, these are the recommended bolts and the current first choice is the square head ones. See http://www.technobotsonline.com/construction-kits/makerbeam/makerbeam-nuts-and-bolts.html

Hope that helps."

30/01/2015, 10:19

"I have bought and tried most of your bolts but cannot get then to fit your MakerBeam, can you tell me the order code for bolts that the head slides freely in the slot of MakerBeam. Thank you."

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