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31/08/2015, 13:33

"K J,

Sorry but we do not have planetary gear boxes although we do stock planetary geared motors."

31/08/2015, 01:43

"I need a simple Planetary gear assembly to use for an exhibition. Preferably with a triangle holding the outer gears and a large outter gear. Do you have the parts or kit to do this?

thanks in advance."

09/07/2015, 08:24


If you search for rudder in the search box above you will see that the third item of 3 is for the pre-programmed chip."

08/07/2015, 22:50

Are you able to supply the components to complete the Rudder Mixer by Alan Bond, please? I cannot seem to locate the pre-programmed IC.
Many thanks,

27/06/2015, 19:20


We do not manufacture gears in-house but get them made for us. We are unlikely to be competitive for such large volumes and suggest you consider the far east."

26/06/2015, 22:08

"We have some gears that need to be made or ordered that we need in quantities of 10,000 to 100,000/ yr. How do we get the drawings to you?"

15/06/2015, 14:30

"Наша корзина программного обеспечения России, но эта версия 5 лет теперь, таким образом, может быть, все изменилось. Я добавил Пермский Kraj надеясь, что это правая область.

Our cart software is Russian but this version is 5 years old now so maybe things have changed. , I have added Permskij kraj hoping that is the right region."

15/06/2015, 13:45

" Почему нет Пермский край?"

15/06/2015, 13:16


We are not aware of any reason at our end why the confirmation code would not be working. Other orders are coming in so I wonder if there is an issue with your web browser settings. By all means phone us 01788 877400 so we can discuss and try and identify the cause."

15/06/2015, 11:51

"Help, I'm trying to place an online order but can't get past the confirmation code which I've typed in correctly a number of times!"

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