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09/07/2015, 08:24


If you search for rudder in the search box above you will see that the third item of 3 is for the pre-programmed chip."

08/07/2015, 22:50

Are you able to supply the components to complete the Rudder Mixer by Alan Bond, please? I cannot seem to locate the pre-programmed IC.
Many thanks,

27/06/2015, 19:20


We do not manufacture gears in-house but get them made for us. We are unlikely to be competitive for such large volumes and suggest you consider the far east."

26/06/2015, 22:08

"We have some gears that need to be made or ordered that we need in quantities of 10,000 to 100,000/ yr. How do we get the drawings to you?"

15/06/2015, 14:30

"Наша корзина программного обеспечения России, но эта версия 5 лет теперь, таким образом, может быть, все изменилось. Я добавил Пермский Kraj надеясь, что это правая область.

Our cart software is Russian but this version is 5 years old now so maybe things have changed. , I have added Permskij kraj hoping that is the right region."

15/06/2015, 13:45

" Почему нет Пермский край?"

15/06/2015, 13:16


We are not aware of any reason at our end why the confirmation code would not be working. Other orders are coming in so I wonder if there is an issue with your web browser settings. By all means phone us 01788 877400 so we can discuss and try and identify the cause."

15/06/2015, 11:51

"Help, I'm trying to place an online order but can't get past the confirmation code which I've typed in correctly a number of times!"

22/05/2015, 20:26


Sorry but we have no experience of stick the gears together or do we know the exact plastic material they are made from. Therefore it may be trial and error to find the most suitable but I would suggest trying JB Weld PlasticWeld as a starter."

22/05/2015, 16:30

"Hi Technobots
I have just bought 2 mfa plastic 10 tooth gears that I need to mate to a 22 tooth spur gear to make a double spur gear to fit on a splined shaft what adhesive would you recommend

Regards Peter


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