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22/07/2014, 13:17


Sorry but not at this time. We are looking to extend our range of bearings and will put this size on our list."

22/07/2014, 12:48

"Do you stock a flanged brg.o /d7mm id/d4mmx4mm wide"

08/05/2014, 15:04


Sorry but we do not offer a matching service as it is not time effective and with millions of custom variations used in proprietary equipment, the chances of matching is slim to non-existent."

08/05/2014, 12:42

"I have a damaged plastic cog from a gearbox on laboratory instrument. Can I post it to you for identification and replacement. We reqire several cogs as they fail frequently"

01/04/2014, 17:38


Always best to check with the supplier first especially as only limited info available on their website. On the face of it the charger looks to be suitable for the battery and no problem in using a LiPo with the motor controller you purchased from us. You are likely to be able to supply more volts than the motor can handle so best to find a way to restrict it."

01/04/2014, 13:55

"Hello again,
Further to my recent visit, I've sourced the following battery (needed to be the size of 2xPP3s):
...and this charger:
Do you think these will work OK in my tram models?
Many thanks for your advice

26/02/2014, 08:09

"O. Felix,

The worldwide shipping option you selected when ordering stated to allow up to 40 days. We have no control over the postal service here in the UK or in the States so cannot advise how long it will take. However, from the customer feedback we receive, most deliveries occur within 10 days but we are aware of some taking much longer. Often a parcel delivery has been attempted but no one was in and the postal service did not leave a card so check with your local delivery office.

Failing that, check the address details as we often find the customer has given an incomplete or inaccurate address and eventually the parcel ends up back with us.

We ship numerous parcels to the US and rarely find a problem unlike some countries which we will not name and shame here!

You are best to email Sales and advise them if it does not turn up in the next week or so to discuss what options are available."

25/02/2014, 22:50

"Hi there,

How long does it take for part to get to the US? Its been over a month since my order was shipped to New York and I still have not received it. I do not have any tracking for it, but I though that by now it should have been delivered. Do I have to wait a few more days or is it lost.

Thank you.

16/01/2014, 10:53

"Hello Belinda,

I can't say I have seen any hose clip go down to 2mm diameter. Are you looking to clamp a flexible tube onto a 'spigot'?"

15/01/2014, 10:04

" Good morning............I am looking for a jubilee or similar clip that will go down to 2mm. It needs to be adjustable and removable. Is there such a thing? It is not for anything electric can be metal or plastic. I am an existing customer but not in this field! Thanks"

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