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12/01/2015, 16:28


Deliveries to EU countries have the VAT added at the checkout, deliveries outside the EU do not have the VAT added. We display all prices including and excluding VAT."

12/01/2015, 15:11

"How does price get reduced by VAT in the ordering process?"

10/01/2015, 12:01


Of course, all orders sent outside the EU do not get charged VAT although the Canadian customs may well charge you duty on top as well as import taxes."

09/01/2015, 20:38

"Do we not get VAT exempt pricing for shipment to Canada?"

04/01/2015, 20:11


No, these are intended for use with a RC signal only. The programmable sound unit is available with a POT input if that is of interest."

04/01/2015, 19:02

"Please can you tell me if i can use the Diesel Engine Sound Simulator MK2 Part No.: 3803-230 on a model ride on train without radio control? If so how? Thank you for your help."

21/11/2014, 21:26


All the gears we stock can be found on this website. We would need to know the MOD or DP size but your chances are slim. You are best contacting the original supplier of the equipment to get replacement gears."

21/11/2014, 17:02

"do you stock 64T , 1" Dia plastic gear, preferably 1/8" thick"

03/10/2014, 15:03


I'm sure we have most if not all of the parts you may need listed on our website but we cannot specify what you need without undertaking a design study.

We stock motors that will operate at under 60 rpm, we have gears, pulleys, shafts, fixings, motor controllers and so on but nothing that is 'ready built'.


03/10/2014, 14:52

"I am looking for components for a small model project. I want it to draw a small truck back and forth along a rail over a distance of between 15 and 25cm. I thought of taking cords from each end of the truck and back to a battery driven reciprocating device which could be operated at speeds of about 8 – 60 cycles per min. The device would need to be mounted for stability.
Can you recommend suitable components for such a device from your stock?

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