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HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor HC-SR04

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Working Voltage : 5V(DC)
Static Current: Less than 2mA.
Sensor Angle: Not more than 15 degrees.
Detection Distance: 2cm-450cm.
High Precision: Up to 0.3cm
Input Trigger Signal: 10us TTL impulse
Echo Signal : output TTL PWL signal, high for a period of time equivalent to the time taken for the ultrasonic reflection to return to the sensor
Mode of connection:

Module Working Principle:

1. Trigger the the module with at least a 10uS positive pulse to the 'trig' pin.
2. The module automatically sends an eight cycle 40khz square wave burst..
3. The 'echo' output goes high if there is an object in range, your controller is then used to calculate the distance of the object using the formula: Test distance =(high level time * sound velocity (340M/S) / 2.


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