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Twin Motor Gearbox Kit

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This twin motor gear box uses a two motor system to provide power and speed to turn the round shaft in two different directions.

The gear box is made from high quality plastic. Use this gear box and motor set to construct mechanical toys and robotic products. Two battery powered mmotors are included. The easily adjusted gearboxes can be used with a gear ratio of 1:60, 1:120 or 1:288.

* Ideal for hobbies and education projects
* Two motor and gearbox sets to have wheels running in different directions
* 3 different gear ratios for out of your choice
* Battery operated
* Wheels, tyres and all other necessary parts included
* Easy to follow instruction manual included

Assembled dimensions 76.5 x 66.5 x 36.5mm (W x D x H)

Supplied complete with wheels.


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1400-051. Twin motor gear box unit What are the overall sizes of this unit. Nothing appears in the downloads box.

Asked by Paul Slade | 27/06/2013, 21:08 | 1 answer(s)

Hi There Can you tell me which of your motors can be used with this set? I have a set and one of the motors seems a little off so I would like to purchase a replacement. Thanks

Asked by Charles | 10/06/2011, 09:54 | 1 answer(s)

Is there any information available about the used motors? I at least would like to know how much current these motors draw and at what voltage they work. I will buy this kit if the motors: -don't draw more then 0.6 A (I'm going to use a L293D) -work at 2.4 V (I'm going to use 2 NiMH AA) Thanks for any help, Superpelican

Asked by Superpelican | 09/02/2011, 15:45 | 1 answer(s)

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