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Tilt Switch PCB Mounting

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Designed to trigger an I.C.
Suitable for alarm and non-hazardous applications
Gold plated contact ball
Gold plated terminals for improved life and stability

Normally closed contact that opens on tilt
Switching voltage 24V DC max. at 25mA max
Operating angle: 45 ± 15 from vertical
Contact resistance:10 Ohms
Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Case material: Polyamide 6,6

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I'm curious of what your opinion is for the best way to wire these to a microcontroller. I can think of a few different possibilities. After hooking the pins to my multimeter it seems like the ball sometimes only sits on 3 of the 4 pins (3 pins form the circle, so it's not a big surprise that one of the 4 pins sometimes doesn't touch the ball). So, now I'm wondering which pins to use for contact. Or maybe tie some pins together. Please advise how it's intended to be connected.

Asked by Chris | 20/01/2011, 16:13 | 1 answer(s)

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