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Tamiya Geared Motors

A range of Tamiya Geared motors supplied as a kit, assembly is required. To use with for example a robotics project, you will need other items such as wheels, motor controller etc. See our range of Tamiya wheels that fit these motors direct.

£17.19 £14.90 (£17.88 UK, incl VAT)
The high-speed gearbox can be assembled in 11.6:1 and 18:1 gear ratios. The high-efficiency gearbox is therefore suited for very fast vehicles or other fast...
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£14.77 (£17.72 UK, incl VAT)
The Tamiya 70168 double gearbox is a compact unit with two independent motors and gear trains. The possible gear ratio configurations are 12.7:1, 38:1,...
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£12.04 (£14.45 UK, incl VAT)
The Tamiya 70167 single gearbox is essentially half of the Tamiya 70168 double gearbox shown above. The kit can be built with gear ratios of 12.7:1, 38:1,...
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£14.22 (£17.06 UK, incl VAT)
The Tamiya 70097 twin-motor gearbox is a small 76mm plastic gearbox. It contains two small DC motors that drive separate 3mm hexagonal output shafts. There...
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