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Suntan TSC06-100 3pF to 10pF Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor White Body

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This 6mm ceramic trimmer capacitor has a 3 to 10pF adjustment range. A 5mm pitch and top adjusting body makes this capacitor easy to handle and it is ideal for applications such as car audio systems, stereos, wireless equipment, radio equipment, keyless entry systems, security systems, etc.

  • White body
  • Body diameter 6mm
  • Sturdy mechanical design
  • Shock and vibration resistant
CapacitanceTemperatureQ FactorColour
range (pF)coefficient (ppm/°C)

3 to 10N450 ±300>500White


Working voltage200V DC
Insulation resistance10MΩ
Withstand voltage400V DC
Operating temperature-30°C to +85°C

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