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Stepper Motor NEMA 11, 28x45mm 4.5V 670mA

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This hybrid bipolar stepping motor has a 1.8° step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each phase draws 670 mA at 4.5 V, allowing for a holding torque of 950 g-cm (13 oz-in).The motor has four color-coded wires terminated with bare leads. Our 5mm universal mounting hub can be used to mount objects on the stepper motor’s 5mm-diameter output shaft.


  • Size: 28 mm square x 45 mm, not including the shaft (NEMA 11)
  • Weight: 140 g (5 oz)
  • Shaft diameter: 5 mm
  • Steps per revolution: 200
  • Current rating: 670 mA per coil
  • Voltage rating: 4.5 V
  • Resistance: 6.8 Ohm per coil
  • Holding torque: 950 g-cm (13 oz-in)
  • Inductance: 4.9 mH per coil
  • Lead length: 12 in


The dimensions diagram above shows the stepper motor dimensions in mm. The dimension labeled “Length” is 45 mm. The output shaft has a length of 20 mm and a diameter of 5 mm.

Stepper Motor Applications

Stepper motors are generally used in a variety of applications where precise position control is desirable and the cost or complexity of a feedback control system is unwarranted. Here are a few applications where stepper motors are often found:

  • Printers
  • CNC machines
  • 3D printer/prototyping machines
  • Laser cutters
  • Pick and place machines
  • Linear actuators
  • Hard drives

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