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SportBEC 5V /6V 3.5A BEC Voltage Regulator

SportBEC 5V /6V 3.5A BEC Voltage Regulator

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SportBEC is the higher capacity version of the best-selling ParkBEC product. SportBEC powers your receiver and servos much more efficiently than a standard BEC. As many as 8 servos can be powered without worrying about an overheating BEC. SportBEC works great up to very high voltages, and is especially suited for "sport" aircraft and glow conversions. SportBEC is usually a necessity at 4s and above when running high torque or digital servos.

SportBEC's output is selectable between 5V/6V using a small slide switch. The 6V setting gives more speed and torque to the servos, and is especially useful for helicopter flyers. A red LED indicates when 6V is selected.

Many people don't realize that their ESC's BEC rating is misleading. With the linear BEC built into most speed controls, the current rating decreases as pack voltage increases. For example, several popular 25A ESCs with "3A" BECs are only capable of supplying 0.5A when running from a 3s pack. Because it is an efficient switching regulator, SportBEC can supply its full rated current of 3.5A all the way up to 8s.

Many design hours were spent on SportBEC to ensure it does not create radio interference. It uses a shielded inductor and optimized layout, so you can use it without fear of glitching.

SportBEC installs between your ESC and receiver, so you don't have to modify your speed control to disable its internal BEC.

For best results, ensure that the SportBEC is installed at least 2 inches away from your receiver and antenna.

Additional notes
If you are using small servos make sure they can run at 6v. Some sub-micros, notably the Hitec HS-50 and Futaba S3154, can be damaged by a 6v supply.

Product Specs:
Model: SportBEC
Specifications: Input voltage: 9V to 33.6v (3s-8s lithium, up to 21 NiMHs)
Output current: 3.5A (~8 standard servos, 4-6 digital)
Weight: 13g (including wires)

Universal connector fits all receivers
Applications: Sport aircraft
.40 to 1.20 glow conversions
3d aircraft



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Dimension Engineering

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I see how the esc plugs into the unit via the 3 pins on the left hand side. Do i still need to remove the red wire coming from the esc or does it terminate inside the bec. Thanks

Asked by Richard Barber | 13/12/2011, 15:11 | 1 answer(s)

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