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Power Supplies

£9.14 £4.57 (£5.48 UK, incl VAT)
A miniature power supply giving 15V @ 500mA output for an input voltage range of 90 to 264Vac. The output barrel connector (+ve centre pin) is 2.1 ID x 5.5...
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£5.21 £2.61 (£3.13 UK, incl VAT)
The 5V DC 1A (5W) Plug and Go is a travel charger / power supply that is easy to take along. This is the most convenient way to charge / power your USB...
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£1.48 £0.74 (£0.89 UK, incl VAT)
ENERGY EFFICIENT EURO SWITCH-MODE 6V POWER SUPPLY This compact, energy efficient switch-mode power supply gives up to 500mA at 6V. Suitable for most low...
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£3.50 £1.75 (£2.10 UK, incl VAT)
SWITCH-MODE EURO POWER SUPPLY FOR DIGITAL CAMERAS 2500mA This compact, switch-mode power supply has been specially designed for digital cameras and...
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£2.92 £1.46 (£1.75 UK, incl VAT)
ENERGY EFFICIENT EURO USB CHARGER KIT 1000mA This compact, energy efficient USB charger has a high 5.2Vdc @1000mA output and includes a 5-in-1...
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