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Pololu Wheel for Standard Servo 25T Splines 90x10mm

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These wheels are great for robotics, custom RC vehicles, or any other project you need to get rolling. They measure 90mm (3.54″) in diameter and are designed for use with standard servos with 5.8mm diameter splines with 25 teeth, such as FEETECH’s FS5106R, Power HD’s AR-3606HB, and SpringRC’s SM-S4303R continuous rotation servos. The combination can serve as a small, inexpensive, and easy-to-control drive system for a miniature robot. The wheel presses onto the servo spline just like a typical servo horn, and the small screw included with the servo accessory pack for mounting servo horns should be used to hold the wheel in place.

Our range of Pololu wheels include for 20 tooth & 25 tooth splines as well as for 3mm 'D' shafts.

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