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Panel Mounted Bi-Directional Variable Speed Regulator

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This reversing variable motor speed controller is ideal for those non-RC applications where you need control over a small model motor. We have received numerous enquiries over the years for a small controller for rotating turntables, exhibits etc.. for shops and general marketing applications. No doubt there are many other applications out there that do not need a radio control interface but a simple integral pot knob adjustment.

This controller works with a battery supply of 6 to 15V or a linear power supply (not switch mode).

Full 'H' bridge drive (allows motor to reverse without the use of relays or switches
3A continuous, 5A peak
0.2 sec pause between directional changes

Please note as is common with most speed controllers, get the battery polarity the wrong way around will destroy the controller.


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Could you tell me what the potentiometer is? I want to use this with a joystick control (10K potentiometer)...

Asked by David | 27/09/2021, 05:06 | 1 answer(s)

Can I use this to control your 950D61 RE 385 Metal Geared Motor 6:1? I am looking to cover a speed range of around 800-2000 rpm. It looks compatible but I'm not that experienced with motors.

Asked by Richard | 29/07/2016, 10:12 | 1 answer(s)

I see from the first question that the power supply for this card cannot be a switch mode type. However, when I look at the power supplies you offer it seems only a few are labelled as switch mode. Does this mean the others are all linear? (I am looking in particular at the plugtop types as I don't want to spend more than about

Asked by Tony K | 26/01/2015, 10:59 | 1 answer(s)

Hi I have a bosch 750w motor that is capable of 24v. I am planning on running it off a 12v motorbike battery to make it slightly slower (more of a tower than a racer). Would this controller be the right one for me? I need reverse, forward, a decent amount of torque and maybe top speed of 15-20mph? Oh and how do you connect the box to the circuit board. My circuit is a motor which connects to a silver box. This box then connects to the circuit board, and the battery. The circuit board holds the accelerator. I am new to electronics so please tell me if I'm talking absolute rubbish Thanks

Asked by Paddy | 25/04/2014, 00:58 | 5 answer(s)

Hi, sorry I'm new to electronics, wuold this work fine with your RE-385-metal-gearbox-11-1? Will I get that motor to run as slow as 5 rpm? Thanks

Asked by Paolo  | 08/09/2011, 14:08 | 3 answer(s)

Hi, the spec sheet download for this says it needs a power supply which is either battery or full wave rectified transformer unit. I'm planning a simple motor circuit powered with a 9v AC-DC adapter, but having trouble finding out which PSU's are full-wave, would most 9v adapters be OK or would I need to find something specific? thanks!

Asked by Luke | 17/07/2011, 20:13 | 1 answer(s)

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