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Olimex 18-Pin PIC Relay Development Board

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Development board from Olimex / Sparkfun DEV-00020 for 18 pin PIC / PICAXE microcontrollers with power supply circuit, crystal oscillator circuit, RS232 port, ICSP/ICD port, 4 relay output, 4 optocoupler isolated inputs.

* FR-4, 1.5 mm, green solder mask, white silkscreen component print
* ICSP/ICD connector for programming with PIC Programmers and Debuggers (for PICs with ICD support)
* Power plug-in jack for +12VDC power supply
* Voltage regulator +5V, 78L05 and filtering capacitors
* Status LED connected to RB5
* Quartz crystal oscillator circuit - 20MHz
* DIL18 microcontroller socket
* RS232 DB9 female connector
* RS232 interface circuit with Tx, Rx signals
* 4 optocoupler isolated inputs with screw terminals
* Input status LEDs
* 4 relay outputs with 10A/250VAC contacts with screw terminals
* Output status LEDs

Dimensions: 100x80mm

Board does not come with PIC installed.


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