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LVBoost Voltage Regulator

LVBoost Voltage Regulator

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LVBoost is a boost converter that can take voltages as low as 0.5V and convert them into higher, more useful voltages like 3.3V or 5V. It has an exceptionally low quiescent draw - typically under .4mA. these features make LVBoost a great choice for powering projects from solar or other renewable energy sources.

From a 3V input, 500mA @5V out is easily achievable, allowing you to charge nearly any portable device that meets the USB spec.

The output voltage is set with a small screw potentiometer on the side of the LVBoost.

2.2 to 5V output voltage range
0.5V to 5V input voltage range
1.5A max input current

1 or 2 cell Alkaline/NiMH to USB chargers Solar cell regulation
Single cell lithium to 5V conversion
Thermoelectric Generators
Small wind generators and other dynamos
Phone chargers


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Dimension Engineering

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