Unrivalled service, providing the ever-useful ability to order custom gears and sprockets far faster and cheaper than most rival services. Thank you once again
Very good service, competitive pricing, very helpful and quick service.
Great Product. Prompt delivery. Many thanks!
Used several times lately. Very fast service and good prices. Also a vast
amount of stock items.
Order in the afternoon, get it in the morning-the new website works a treat.
I have been using technobots for many years now, and the service provided is the most professional service I have ever known, thank you, and best wishes
I am a teacher and need a regular supply of parts for my after-school clubs. Technobots has been a valued, reliable supply of most of these- they have a focused stock of project-ready parts and it's much easier searching for them here than the bigger industrial sites like Farnell. I've used Technobots for years now. Huge peace of mind!
Excellent service, good product range, great delivery. If only they did everything I ever needed, I'd never need to order from anywhere else :)
Very fast service!! Great prices and very very fast shipping worlwide!!
I will by more and more!!
Thank you for beign so professionals
Real good turn around. Thanks.
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