Igus Pillow Block Bearings

igubal® pillow block bearings are very easy-to-mount bearing elements which compensate for errors and prevent misalignments.

  • Maintenance-free, self lubricating
  • High stiffening
  • High fatigue strength in varying loads
  • Compensation for alignment errors
  • Compensation of edge loads
  • Corrossion-resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • High dampening qualities
  • Suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements
  • Very low weight
  • High radial loads
  • Usable in media
  • Space saving
  • Easy to fit
  • Life time predictable
Application area

igubal® pillow block bearings ideally compensate for shaft misalignments, tilts and bends through their spherical adjustability. Main application areas are wherein such effects should not hinder special designs.


Maintenance-free igubal® pillow block bearings have a tolerance in the inner diameter, according to E10. The shaft should have a tolerance between h6 and h9. The bearing clearance compensates for bearing expansions during heating.


igubal® pillow block bearings are designed to be fastened with 2 screws. A precise alignment of the bearing housing is not required as the spherical bearing automatically compensates for error.

When to use it?
  • When chemical resistance is required
  • When a low-cost alternative is desired
  • When dirt-resistant bearings are needed
  • When misalignments should be compensated
  • When fully split components are needed
When not to use?
  • When temperatures above +80°C prevail
  • When an integrated collar is required
  • When dimensions over 50 mm are needed
  • When rotation speeds in excess of 0,5 m/s should be implemented
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