Igus 2-Hole Flange Bearings


igubal® flange bearings were developed for the bearing of shaft ends or shaft bushings. Like all igubal® products, it consists of a housing made of igumid G and a spherical ball in iglidur® W300. igubal® flange bearings correspond to the dimensional series E and are also available with 4 mounting holes.

Special properties:
  • Housing made of pressure-resistant, shape-stable igumid G
  • Spherical ball made of highly wear-resistant iglidur® W300
  • Simple installation
  • Compensation of misalignments
  • Absolute corrosion resistance
  • Very low weight
  • Maintenance-free dry operation
Application area

As the igubal® flange bearings are also suitable for dry operation, they are particularly considered for applications in which the installation site is difficult, in humid or wet environment, or with special demands on hygiene. Thus the igubal® flange bearings are used for instance in wash-brush controls, in facade sunscreen systems, in materials handling systems and in bakery equipment.


According to type, igubal® flange bearing are designed for mounting with 2 or 4 holes. The 2-hole types are provided with oblong holes that enable a trouble-free readjustment. A precise alignment of the bearing housing is not required as the flange bearing automatically compensates for error.

When to use it?

  • When chemical resistance is required
  • When a low-cost alternative is desired
  • When dirt-resistant bearings are needed
  • When misalignments should be compensated
  • When fully split components are needed

When not to use?

  • When temperatures above +200°C prevail
  • When an integrated collar is required
  • When dimensions over 50 mm are needed
  • When rotation speeds in excess of 0.5 m/s should be implemented
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