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Colour LCD Shield for Arduino

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Description: The Color LCD Shield, recommended by and designed in partnership with an SFE customer, provides an easy method of connecting the popular Nokia 6100 LCD to your Arduino USB or Pro. The board comes as shown with the 128x128 mini color LCD, as well as a backlight driver circuit (boosts to 7V), and three momentary push-buttons (tied through a jumper to pins D3-5).

The Nokia 6100 LCD is controlled through a 9-bit SPI interface. The control pins of the LCD are connected to the hardware SPI pins of the Arduino (D13 -SCK, D11 - DIO), the CS pin is tied to D9 and the reset pin is connected to D8. Voltage from the '5V' pin of the Arduino is boosted to 7V to power the LCD backlight.

The Nokia 6100 LCD is included with the Color LCD Shield. Headers are not soldered on, we recommend the 6 and 8-pin stackable headers.

Note: This shield uses the Epson S1D15G10 or Philips PCF8833 controller (we cannot guarantee which one you will receive. Please see Jim Lynch's tutorial below as to why.



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