Arduino-Compatible Boards

A selected range of Arduino compatible controllers from reputable sources around the world.

$5.26 ($6.31 incl VAT)
A low cost alternative to the 'official' Arduino Uno from a reputable Chinese manufacturer Geekcreit. You will need to download a USB driver first...
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$23.32 $17.49 ($20.99 incl VAT)
Freaduino UNO is  an Arduino compatible board. It is based on Arduino UNO Rev3 design. So you can  use Freaduino as Arduino UNO Rev3 . All code,...
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$10.85 $8.68 ($10.42 incl VAT)
Ever think of using Arduino UNO on breadboard? This board might be the Arduino based board you are searching for. BBFuino comes with the ATMega328...
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