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820R 0.4W 0.1% 15ppm Precision Resistor

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Precision metal film resistor offering high precision coupled with very high stability. Light blue body colour with 5 band colour coding all supplied in a standard 0.25W sized body.

Sold individually.

  • 0.1% tolerance
  • 0.4W rated
  • Equivalent to Welwyn RC55 and Meggitt H8 series
  • BC Components MBB0207 series
Dimensions6.3 x 2.5mm
Power rating0.4W @ 70°C
Resistance tolerance±0.1%
Temperature coefficient±15ppm
Resistance range10Ω – 1MΩ
Max working voltage300V
Climatic category55/85/56
Operating temperature range–25°C to +125°C

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