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5mm LED - RGB Diffused Common Anode

5mm LED - RGB Diffused Common Anode

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These 5mm RGB (red, green, blue) units have four pins: one for each color and a common anode. Use this one LED for three status indicators or pulse width modulate all three and get mixed colors!

These LEDs are diffused; so they'll appear dimmer, but have a wider viewing angle.

Note: The datasheet below is for the common cathode version of these LEDs, all of the values are the same except that instead of sharing a cathode, these share an anode. An updated datasheet will be added as soon as possible.


Colour Lum. Int. (mcd) @ IF 20mA IF max (mA) VF (V)
Red 2800 20 2
Green 6500 20 3.2
Blue 1200 20 3.2



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