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3D Printer RepRap Smart Controller 20x4 Blue LCD for Ramps 1.4 or Ultimaker

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This module makes managing both the use and setting up of your 3D printer so much easier by having an all-in-one units that contains a 20x4 blue LCD, SD card slot and encoder switch.

It will work with the Ultimaker type or RAMPS 1.4 controller boards. We have tested this board with the Marlin 3D printer firmware but others may work as well. Supplied complete with leads and adaptors for both the Ultimaker and Ramps 1.4 controllers.

In summary, you do not need your computer, operations, such as calibration & the axis movement can be carried out with the rotary encoder. Use your favourite slicer software to generate the G-code and save onto a SD card (not included), plug the card into the slot, select the file you want to print using the LCD and away you go.


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