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30V 1.8J Metal Oxide Varistor

30V 1.8J Metal Oxide Varistor

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A voltage dependent metal oxide varistors for suppressing line borne transients, spikes etc.

  • Epoxy coated disc construction with radial leads
  • When the protected equipment or circuit encounters a high voltage spike the varistor charges impedance from its normal high standby value to a very low conducting value thus clamping the transient voltage to a protective level
  • Varistor absorbs the unwanted high voltage pulse protecting voltage sensitive components against damage
  • UL approved


  • Response time25ns
  • Voltage coefficient/temperature–0.5%°C
  • Insulation resistance≤1 x 109MΩ 500V
  • Insulation voltage2500V
  • Max. operating voltage+85°C
  • Max. working surface temperature+115°C
  • Max Operating Voltage: 30Vac /38Vdc
  • Varistor Voltage: 47V nominal, 42V min, 52V max
  • Max Clamping Voltage: 93V at 2.5A
  • Withstanding Surge Current (1): 250A
  • Withstanding Surge Current (2): 125A
  • Rated Power: 0.02W
  • Energy: 1.8J

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