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2mm Shaft Lego Wheel Adaptor pk/2

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This adapter is designed to make it possible to use LEGO wheels with the Solarbotics GM6 and GM7 gearmotors. The GM6 and GM7 are perfect motors for building small robots, and LEGO makes a number of very high-quality wheels as part of their Technic and Mindstorms product lines, many of which would also be excellent for use on a small robot. With this adapter, you can integrate LEGO wheels of your choice into a robot. We sell the adapters in pairs, so that you can make a two-wheeled robot.

Fit the adapter onto the metal output shaft of a GM6 or GM7 gearmotor. You will need to push quite hard; be careful not to damage the gearmotor.
Slide the other end of the adapter into a LEGO wheel of your choice.
The adapter fits very tightly to the metal axle of the GM6/GM7, so that it will remain attached to the gearmotor when the wheel is removed. We recommend that you leave the adapter permanently attached to the metal axle; repeated removal and insertion may loosen the connection, causing slippage.

Our LEGO wheel adapter is made of ABS plastic, similar to the plastic used in LEGO blocks. Its dimensions are shown in the picture.


There is no way this adaptor can be forced onto a GM6 motor by hand as stated in the description without risk to adaptor and/or motor. This is how much force you will need ......
I had to put the 2mm Shaft Lego Wheel Adaptor into a vice and, using a block of wood to protect the motor, I used a hammer, yes a hammer, to hammer the GM6 motor onto the adaptor.
It was either risking damage to the motor/adaptor or returning both products.
Luckily I can now use the motor but I would not recommend this method.

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