Rubber Tyre Wheels

EMG30 100mm Wheel with Hub

Part No.: 4260-050

Shipping Weight: 139.00 g.

£8.31 (£9.97 inc tax)
In stock
100mm diameter wheel with a hard plastic rim, a firm rubber tyre that is 26mm wide and an aluminium hub insert ready fitted for 5mm diameter axles. Mounts... Read More
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Treaded Rubber Aluminium Hub 2.75 Inch PK 2

Part No.: 4608-032

Shipping Weight: 52.00 g.

£5.54   £3.69 (£4.43 inc tax)
[Currently Unavailable]
Discontinued Product
As per 4608-030 but 2.75 inch diameter and 3.4mm bore.
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