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Impellers and Propellers for push fit direct onto a model motor.

  Product Product code Price Ex VAT  
Impeller 4 Blade 57mm Impeller 4 Blade 57mm

Part No.: 4612-001

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

Impeller 5 Blade 60mm Impeller 5 Blade 60mm

Part No.: 4612-002

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

Propeller 2 Blade 150mm Propeller 2 Blade 150mm

Part No.: 4612-030

Shipping Weight: 4.00 g.

Propeller 3 Blade 125mm Propeller 3 Blade 125mm

Part No.: 4612-031

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

Propeller 3 Blade 210mm Propeller 3 Blade 210mm

Part No.: 4612-040

Shipping Weight: 8.00 g.

Propeller 3 Blade Flexi 100mm Propeller 3 Blade Flexi 100mm

Part No.: 4612-034

Shipping Weight: 2.00 g.



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