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6V Output Voltage Regulator Modules / BEC

SportBEC 5V /6V 3.5A BEC Voltage Regulator

Part No.: 1062-011

Shipping Weight: 7.00 g.

£18.76 (£22.51 inc tax)
Out of Stock
Stocks due in less than 1 week
SportBEC is the higher capacity version of the best-selling ParkBEC product. SportBEC powers your receiver and servos much more efficiently than a standard... Read More
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ParkBEC 6V 1.25A BEC Voltage Regulator

Part No.: 1062-012

Shipping Weight: 7.00 g.

£11.73 (£14.08 inc tax)
In stock
The ParkBEC 6V is the 6 volt output version of our ParkBEC, the smallest and lightest switch-mode BEC on the market. The 6 volt output will give you more... Read More
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VHVBEC 5V 6V 2.5A Voltage Regulator

Part No.: 1062-013

Shipping Weight: 17.00 g.

£25.33   £21.95 (£26.34 inc tax)
[Currently Unavailable]
Discontinued Product
Dimension Engineering's Very High Voltage BEC is the world's first BEC compatible with input voltages as high as 60V/14s lithium. It can power your receiver... Read More
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Voltage Regulator Breakout Board

Part No.: 1062-025

Shipping Weight: 6.00 g.

£5.63 (£6.76 inc tax)
In stock
If you do not feel comfortable soldering our Dimension Engineering voltage regulators 1062-020/021/022 or 023, our breakout board can help. It extends the... Read More
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Pololu Step-Up/Down 6V, 2A max Regulator, 3-30V Input

Part No.: 1062-072

Shipping Weight: 14.00 g.

£11.33 (£13.60 inc tax)
In stock
This powerful step-up/step-down regulator efficiently produces a fixed 6V output from input voltages between 3V and 30V while allowing a typical output... Read More

Pololu Step Up 6V Regulator, 5A Max Input Current, 2.9 to 6V Input

Part No.: 1062-078

Shipping Weight: 14.00 g.

£10.57 (£12.68 inc tax)
In stock
This powerful boost regulator efficiently generates an output voltage of 6V from an input voltage as low as 2.9V while allowing an input current as high... Read More

Pololu 6V 500mA Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V5F6

Part No.: 1062-033

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

£3.72 (£4.46 inc tax)
In stock
The compact 10 x 12.7mm (0.4″ × 0.5″) D24V5F1 synchronous buck voltage regulator takes input voltages up to 36V and efficiently... Read More


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