Electronics Test Equipment

General test gear for the electrical & electronics user.

Pocket DMM

Part No.: 1710-006

Shipping Weight: 130.00 g.

£4.49 (£5.39 inc tax)
In stock
A slimline pocket digital multimeter that measures: DC Voltage 2 to 250V (4 ranges) AC Voltage 200 & 250Vac DC Current 200mA Resistance 2kOhms to 2MOhms... Read More
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LCD Oscilloscope Kit

Part No.: 2900-005

Shipping Weight: 130.00 g.

£38.90 (£46.68 inc tax)
In stock
This kit from Sparkfun KIT-09484 includes everything you need to build your very own, fully functional, digital oscilloscope. Once you've got it up and... Read More
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Frequency Counter Kit

Part No.: 2900-015

Shipping Weight: 60.00 g.

£28.67 (£34.40 inc tax)
In stock
Description: This new revision (as of 16th April 2013) includes a JST cable and also fixes the TX/RX swap from the last revision. Now you can use an... Read More
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Capacitance Meter Kit

Part No.: 2900-020

Shipping Weight: 35.00 g.

£9.83 (£11.80 inc tax)
In stock
This Sparkfun KIT-09485 includes everything you need to make your very own capacitance meter, able to measure caps anywhere between the range of 500uF to... Read More
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Silverline Digital Multimeter

Part No.: 4555-987

£4.73 (£5.68 inc tax)
In stock
Note: Specification for this product has changed from the previous version. Handheld multimeter measures DC and AC voltage, DC current and resistance.... Read More
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Pro-Peak High Precision Watt Meter Analyser

Part No.: 1070-101

Shipping Weight: 160.00 g.

£29.79 (£35.75 inc tax)
In stock
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A heavy duty watt meter that can monitor the power consumption of your motor/load source and ‘freeze’ record the peaks for later checking. The... Read More
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Sparkfun Digital Multimeter

Part No.: 1710-020

Shipping Weight: 252.79 g.

£10.20 (£12.24 inc tax)
In stock
Description: This is for all those starving students that need to buy their first good, low-cost multimeter. This meter has really impressive overall feel... Read More
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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Part No.: 7100-091

Shipping Weight: 320.56 g.

£20.75 (£24.90 inc tax)
In stock
Description: This non-contact infrared thermometer makes it a breeze to take quick and accurate surface temperature readings without getting too close for... Read More
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USB Digital Multimeter - Auto-Ranging (RS232 output)

Part No.: 1710-021

Shipping Weight: 725.03 g.

£43.00 (£51.60 inc tax)
In stock
Description: It seems like everything plugs in to your computer these days, and this digital multimeter is no exception. This auto-ranging multimeter will... Read More
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Scanalogic-2 20MHz Logic Analyzer & Signal Generator

Part No.: 2910-001

Shipping Weight: 115.00 g.

£45.20 (£54.24 inc tax)
In stock
Scanalogic-2 PRO is a 4 channel Logic Analyzer and Digital signal generator, specially designed to decode and analyze serial protocols like SPI, I2C,... Read More
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Frequency Generator Kit - FG085

Part No.: 2900-017

Shipping Weight: 275.00 g.

£38.90 (£46.68 inc tax)
In stock
Note: Supplied as a kit of parts. Function generators are useful in a ton of applications from RF to embedded logic. They're not usually super cheap... Read More
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SkyRC i-Meter 7 in 1 Multimeter for Modellers

Part No.: 1070-102

Shipping Weight: 185.00 g.

£27.75 (£33.30 inc tax)
In stock
End of line, less than 2 remaining
The SkyRC i-Meter can carry out an enormous range of functions related to Electric Powered models and has been designed with ease of use as a prime... Read More
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XMEGA Xprotolab - Breadboard Oscilloscope

Part No.: 2910-002

Shipping Weight: 12.00 g.

£39.13 (£46.96 inc tax)
In stock
Description: When you think about a piece of equipment like a mixed signal oscilloscope you usually think of, well, a piece of equipment. What you... Read More
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Silverline LAN Cable Tester

Part No.: 4555-988

Shipping Weight: 140.00 g.

£10.10   £9.79 (£11.75 inc tax)
In stock
Hand-held tester has connections suited for RJ11 and RJ45 cables. Twin speed. Master and remote box. Requires 1 x 9V battery (not included).
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Silverline Laser Infrared Thermometer

Part No.: 4555-989

Shipping Weight: 170.00 g.

£27.41   £21.93 (£26.32 inc tax)
In stock
Pistol grip infrared thermometer, measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Laser pointer for pinpoint targeting. Large LCD screen with backlit display.... Read More
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Analogue Multimeter with 16 Ranges

Part No.: 1710-022

Shipping Weight: 215.00 g.

£5.40 (£6.48 inc tax)
In stock
ANALOGUE MULTITESTER A lightweight, pocket sized robust analogue multitester for the measurement of AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, decibels... Read More
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Compact Digital Multimeter with 19 Ranges

Part No.: 1710-023

Shipping Weight: 180.00 g.

£4.13 (£4.96 inc tax)
In stock
DIGITAL MULTITESTER Compact, pocket sized digital multitester with audible continuity test. 19 testing ranges 3.5 digit LCD display... Read More
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Professional Digital Multimeter with 30 Ranges & 8 Functions

Part No.: 1710-024

Shipping Weight: 840.00 g.

£13.35 (£16.02 inc tax)
In stock
PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL MULTITESTER This professional multitester offers 30 testing ranges and 8 functions. Supplied with carrying case, shrouded test... Read More
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4-in-1 Remote Cable Tester for LAN, USB and BNC

Part No.: 7100-092

Shipping Weight: 245.00 g.

£19.96 (£23.95 inc tax)
In stock
4-in-1 REMOTE CABLE TESTER A handheld unit with 4 different ports for testing UTP/STP LAN, RJ-11 (2-6 conductors), USB and BNC cables both before and... Read More
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