Wire Strippers

Hand operated wire strippers.

Silverline Expert Wire Strippers 150mm

Part No.: 4555-124

Shipping Weight: 210.00 g.

£3.96 (£4.75 inc tax)
In stock
Expert quality heavy duty chrome vanadium steel wire stripping pliers with two tone moulded softgrip handles. Hardened & tempered with adjustment screw.
792 Techno Points

Silverline Auto 2-in-1 Wire Strippers

Part No.: 4555-141

Shipping Weight: 130.00 g.

£3.68 (£4.42 inc tax)
In stock
Automatic wire stripper and cutter. Strips wires in easy one-handed operation from 10-13 AWG. Strips stranded and solid conductors of 0.5 to 4mm².
736 Techno Points

Silverline Auto Wire Strippers

Part No.: 4555-142

Shipping Weight: 330.00 g.

£6.95 (£8.34 inc tax)
In stock
These wire strippers feature a strong durable die cast frame and an adjustable stripping length guide for consistency of work. The stripping blades show... Read More
1390 Techno Points

Silverline Wire Strippers

Part No.: 4555-143

Shipping Weight: 160.00 g.

£3.58 (£4.30 inc tax)
In stock
Made from 3mm steel hardened and tempered blades. Safety catch and extra strong moulded grip handles. Use on 6, 4, 2.5, 1.5, 1, 0.75 and 0.5mm wire.
716 Techno Points

Silverline Data Cable Stripper

Part No.: 4555-144

Shipping Weight: 70.00 g.

£2.42 (£2.90 inc tax)
In stock
Strips and cuts round and flat cable. Strips computer cable, power and speaker cable, bell wire and twisted pair data/telecom wire. Max cut depth 1mm.
484 Techno Points

Draper 125mm Wire Strippers

Part No.: 4560-141

Shipping Weight: 330.00 g.

£2.43 (£2.92 inc tax)
In stock
Spring-loaded with locking catch. Capacity 0.5-6.0mm²
486 Techno Points

Punchdown IDC Tool for Data Cables

Part No.: 4569-140

Shipping Weight: 85.00 g.

£2.91 (£3.49 inc tax)
In stock
A high quality termination hand tool for seating data cable into terminals. Suitable for a wide range of terminal blocks including KRONE. Trims... Read More


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