300mm and junior hacksaws.

Silverline Heavy Duty Hacksaw

Part No.: 4555-402

Shipping Weight: 470.00 g.

£4.78 (£5.74 inc tax)
In stock
A good all round general purpose 300mm hacksaw with a cast aluminium handle and square section steel frame giving the right blend of stiffness and weight.... Read More
956 Techno Points

Silverline High Tension Hacksaw

Part No.: 4555-404

Shipping Weight: 520.00 g.

£6.94 (£8.33 inc tax)
In stock
300mm cast aluminium handle with high-tension blade tightening mechanism
1388 Techno Points

Silverline 150mm Junior Hacksaw

Part No.: 4555-412

Shipping Weight: 96.00 g.

£0.77 (£0.92 inc tax)
In stock
Thick, 6mm wire frame. Powder coated and blister packed. Carbon steel extra flex blade.
154 Techno Points

Silverline Coping Saw

Part No.: 4555-414

Shipping Weight: 178.00 g.

£3.22 (£3.86 inc tax)
In stock
Coping saw with heavy gauge frame. 170mm carbon steel blade, adjusts to 90°, 180° and 270°. Corrosion-resistant finish. Traditional wooden... Read More
644 Techno Points


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