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Craft and general purpose knives.

Silverline Expert Hi-Viz Knife

Part No.: 4555-460

Shipping Weight: 110.00 g.

£2.75   £2.10 (£2.52 inc tax)
In stock
Top quality knife made from extra-thick aluminium with an overall length of 150mm. Rubber inserts give secure grip. Wrap-over tip for extra safety. Includes... Read More
420 Techno Points

Silverline Hobby Knife Set 13 Piece

Part No.: 4555-461

Shipping Weight: 130.00 g.

£4.11   £3.15 (£3.78 inc tax)
In stock
13-piece hobby knife set for delicate and demanding work. Easy to handle and extremely sharp. Includes 3 aluminium handles, 13 assorted scalpels, 2 chisel... Read More
630 Techno Points

Silverline Hobby Knife Set 51 Piece

Part No.: 4555-462

Shipping Weight: 700.00 g.

£12.17   £9.32 (£11.18 inc tax)
In stock
Just about every tool you'll ever need for delicate and demanding work. Easy to handle and extremely sharp, allowing for extra precision. Includes 7... Read More
1864 Techno Points

Hobby Knife

Part No.: 4568-460

Shipping Weight: 25.92 g.

£1.80 (£2.16 inc tax)
In stock
It's like an Xacto knife, only better. We use these extensively when working with PCBs. These small knives work well for cutting traces, scraping ground... Read More
360 Techno Points

Hobby Knife Replacement Blades

Part No.: 4568-461

Shipping Weight: 8.08 g.

£1.69 (£2.03 inc tax)
In stock
Description: If you use your hobby knife a lot, chances are you will need extra blades. These #11 blades are very sharp and good for trimming all sorts of... Read More
338 Techno Points


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