Various full size and needle size files.

Silverline Professional File 3pce Set

Part No.: 4555-440

Shipping Weight: 765.00 g.

£6.11 (£7.33 inc tax)
In stock
Includes flat round and half round second cut files. 2-colour handles.
1222 Techno Points

Silverline Needle File 10 Piece Set

Part No.: 4555-441

Shipping Weight: 122.00 g.

£3.26 (£3.91 inc tax)
In stock
Set of second cut needle files. Includes: 1 x half round with tapered end, 1 x round, 1 x crossing, 1 x barret, 1 x three square, 1 x square with tapered... Read More
652 Techno Points


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