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Engineers Tools

Tools especially aimed at the mechanical / machining engineer.

Silverline Double Ended Scriber

Part No.: 4555-800

Shipping Weight: 60.00 g.

£1.41   £1.08 (£1.30 inc tax)
In stock
Double-ended, hardened steel engineers scriber. Knurled and blackened grip.
216 Techno Points

Silverline Magnetic Base

Part No.: 4555-801

Shipping Weight: 1400.00 g.

£14.77   £11.30 (£13.56 inc tax)
In stock
Machined on base and one vertical side allowing a choice of mounting positions. Fine adjustment screw for quick, accurate height setting. Powerful two side... Read More
2260 Techno Points

Silverline V Blocks & Clamps - Pair

Part No.: 4555-802

Shipping Weight: 1100.00 g.

£33.18   £25.40 (£30.48 inc tax)
In stock
End of line, less than 2 remaining
Pair of matched V blocks and clamps, hardened and ground, accurate for use in layout work. Supplied complete in a wooden storage box.
5080 Techno Points

Silverline 16 Piece Expert Tap & Die Set

Part No.: 4555-810

Shipping Weight: 840.00 g.

£24.37   £18.65 (£22.38 inc tax)
In stock
Set of tungsten steel taps and dies in carrying case. Contents: long handle adjustable tap wrench and die handle. Tap and dies: M3x0.5, M4x0.7, M5x0.8,... Read More
3730 Techno Points

Silverline 40 Piece Expert Tap & Die Set

Part No.: 4555-811

Shipping Weight: 1650.00 g.

£42.64   £32.63 (£39.16 inc tax)
In stock
Solid tungsten steel tap and die set with machine lead-ins for accurate cutting. Supplied in strong plastic case. Long handle adjustable tap wrench. Die... Read More
6526 Techno Points


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