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Rocker Switches

Panel mounting latching rocker switches.

Rocker Switch SPST 6A 250Vac

Part No.: 1614-010

Shipping Weight: 3.00 g.

£0.39 (£0.47 inc tax)
In stock
This on/off switch panel mounts into a 15.2mm dia. hole. Connections are made using 4.8mm faston type connectors (available from our crimp section).... Read More
78 Techno Points

Rocker Switch SPDT 10A 250Vac

Part No.: 1614-015

Shipping Weight: 10.00 g.

£0.79 (£0.95 inc tax)
In stock
This 3-position SPDT on/off/on latching concave rocker switch panel mounts into a 25mm dia. hole. Silver plated brass terminals which accept out 1/4"... Read More
158 Techno Points

Rocker Switch Illuminated Red 25A SPST

Part No.: 1614-020

Shipping Weight: 10.00 g.

£1.20 (£1.44 inc tax)
In stock
A SPST circular push fit rocker switch that has a red illuminated lever that is lit when the switch is in the On position. Does not generate heat... Read More
240 Techno Points

Rocker Switch - Large

Part No.: 1614-017

Shipping Weight: 3.22 g.

£0.72 (£0.86 inc tax)
In stock
Description: Your project will probably need an on/off switch. If you plan to house the project in an enclosure, we found this great rocker switch to help... Read More
144 Techno Points

Rocker Switch - Medium

Part No.: 1614-016

Shipping Weight: 5.90 g.

£0.38 (£0.46 inc tax)
In stock
Description: The rocker switch is a classic and this one is a great size for an unobtrusive on/off switch. It can be panel mounted and has two tabs for... Read More
76 Techno Points

Rocker Switch SPST 6A 250Vac LED Illuminated

Part No.: 1614-030

Shipping Weight: 4.00 g.

£0.77 (£0.92 inc tax)
In stock
Miniature Visible ON Rocker Switch, SPST Contact, illuminated with Red LED, 4.8mm Faston connections 4.8mm fast connect tabs LED terminated by... Read More


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