Foot Operated Switches

Foot operated electrical switches.

Foot Pedal Switch Momentary Action

Part No.: 1613-351

Shipping Weight: 200.00 g.

£5.44 (£6.53 inc tax)
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This is the same kind of foot pedal you might find or as a sustain pedal on an electric piano. The non-slip pad on top and rubber bumpers on the bottom... Read More
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Stomp Switch DPDT Latching Action

Part No.: 1613-352

Shipping Weight: 20.00 g.

£1.92 (£2.30 inc tax)
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´╗┐´╗┐These are the sturdy little stomp switches that you find on guitar effects pedals. They're DPDT on/on type switches which mount into a 1/2" diameter... Read More
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Stomp Switch DPDT Momentary Action

Part No.: 1613-353

Shipping Weight: 21.00 g.

£1.97 (£2.36 inc tax)
In stock
Rugged switch with heavy-duty actuator button designed for operation by foot. Ideal for foot pedals in music applications Use for machinery... Read More
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Foot Switch Latching Action, 1/4" Jack Plug

Part No.: 1613-354

Shipping Weight: 185.00 g.

£4.64 (£5.57 inc tax)
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Foot switch with on/off switch (latching) to control sound effect units and amplifiers. Sturdy metal construction with non slip base. Complete with a... Read More
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Dual Stomp Footswitch, Non-Latching, 4m Lead + 1/4" Jack

Part No.: 7212-001

Shipping Weight: 450.00 g.

£15.83   £8.67 (£10.40 inc tax)
In stock
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DUAL FOOTSWITCH Dual footswitch mounted in a sturdy plastic angled case with integral 4.0m lead terminated with a 6.3mm stereo jack plug. A pair of... Read More

Stomp Foot Switch SPST Momentary Action

Part No.: 1613-355

Shipping Weight: 21.00 g.

£1.38 (£1.66 inc tax)
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Heavy duty foot switch with push to make momentary action. Rated at 250Vac/3A (110Vac 6A). M12 thread of 16mm length and 2 nuts. Large solder tags. Body... Read More


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