Advanced Notification of Interruption to Shipping

We are now expecting to move to our new premises in Rugby during the last week in November. During the move, we will not be shipping any orders out for the period Tuesday 25th November to Tuesday 2nd December. Last shipping day will be Monday 24th November and re-commence Wednesday 3rd December. Orders placed after 12 noon GMT on the 24th will be processed from the 3rd December

Machining Services

Whilst our machine shop is re-located, we are unable to carry out machining modifications on gears, sprockets, pulleys etc. Any order placed which includes machining options is unlikely to be processed until mid December.

Foot Operated Switches

Foot operated electrical switches.

Foot Pedal Switch Momentary Action

Part No.: 1613-351

Shipping Weight: 200.00 g.

£4.33 (£5.20 inc tax)
In stock
This is the same kind of foot pedal you might find or as a sustain pedal on an electric piano. The non-slip pad on top and rubber bumpers on the bottom... Read More
866 Techno Points

Stomp Switch DPDT Latching Action

Part No.: 1613-352

Shipping Weight: 20.00 g.

£1.86 (£2.23 inc tax)
In stock
´╗┐´╗┐These are the sturdy little stomp switches that you find on guitar effects pedals. They're DPDT on/on type switches which mount into a 1/2" diameter... Read More
372 Techno Points

Stomp Switch DPDT Momentary Action

Part No.: 1613-353

Shipping Weight: 21.00 g.

£1.88 (£2.26 inc tax)
In stock
Rugged switch with heavy-duty actuator button designed for operation by foot. Ideal for foot pedals in music applications Use for machinery... Read More
376 Techno Points

Foot Switch Latching Action, 1/4" Jack Plug

Part No.: 1613-354

Shipping Weight: 185.00 g.

£4.64 (£5.57 inc tax)
In stock
Foot switch with on/off switch (latching) to control sound effect units and amplifiers. Sturdy metal construction with non slip base. Complete with a... Read More
928 Techno Points

Dual Stomp Footswitch, Non-Latching, 4m Lead + 1/4" Jack

Part No.: 7212-001

Shipping Weight: 450.00 g.

£15.83   £6.50 (£7.80 inc tax)
In stock
DUAL FOOTSWITCH Dual footswitch mounted in a sturdy plastic angled case with integral 4.0m lead terminated with a 6.3mm stereo jack plug. A pair of... Read More

Stomp Foot Switch SPST Momentary Action

Part No.: 1613-355

Shipping Weight: 21.00 g.

£1.38 (£1.66 inc tax)
In stock
Heavy duty foot switch with push to make momentary action. Rated at 250Vac/3A (110Vac 6A). M12 thread of 16mm length and 2 nuts. Large solder tags. Body... Read More


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