There is a wealth of product information already on this site,

  • Datasheets - Many products include a 'Downloads' tab which contains links to datasheets, schematics, instructions, software etc, The datasheets especially will often contain the answer to most questions.

  • Data & Description - Every product has its own web page which can be reached by clicking on the product image (or 'more' text) if you are in a department listing page.  However, generic data such as dimensions, performance etc can often be found in the department description which you would normally pass through whilst navigating to the full product description page.  If you arrived at the product description direct from a search engine, simply use the 'breadcrumbs' (that can be found in a light grey text immediately above the product title) to work your way back up through the departments.

  • Questions and Answers - For every product, there is a Q & A tab where you can view previous customer technical questions as well as post your own question to our technical team.

  • Historical FAQ Forum - We used to operate a technical support FAQ forum before moving to this website. There are thousands of questions and answers archived there which may well answer your query.  The forum can be found here. We are when time permits migrating the old FAQ forum to this website, see hyperlink below.

Need Technical Help - If your question remains unanswered, please post your question in the relevant products Q & A tab or if you have a general question that is not product specific, then post your question using one of the General Support pages below.  Where it will be sent to the support team for a response.  Do not use the contact form or Email us with technical questions as they will NOT be responded to.

Telephone Support - We regret that we are no longer providing telephone technical support primarily because this service has been abused by too many callers taking advantage of our specialist knowledge with time consuming calls rather than simply reading the product information or researching the net for an answer to generic questions themselves. However, we will focus our efforts for customers using our product Q&A (Questions & Answers) messaging service, a tab for which can be found with every product.  Phone calls to our main sales number for technical support will be referred back to our website. Please do not be offended if you are referred back to the Q & A tab or pages below as it also allows time for us to investigate the query in greater depth as we simply cannot know all of our 8,000+ products in depth.  We thank you for your co-operation in this as we take great pride in providing the best possible technical support pre and post sales.

Please use the products own Q & A tab for product specific questions 

Questions of a general nature and are NOT product specific can be placed in the most appropriate 'General' page below

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