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Simplex Steel Chain

British standard heavy duty steel chain.

Please note that our chain is sold per metre but order a boxed length of 5m or more for discount pricing..


Steel Roller Chain 04B 6mm / m

Part No.: 4216-101

Shipping Weight: 136.00 g.

£10.62 (£12.74 inc tax)
In stock
Tbot Chain 04B 6mm / metre Specification: Pitch P: 6mm Roller Diameter A: 4mm Width between inner plates B: 2.8mm Pin diameter C: 1.85mm Pin Length D: 6.8mm... Read More
2124 Techno Points

Steel Roller Chain 05B 8mm / m

Part No.: 4216-102

Shipping Weight: 190.00 g.

£11.02 (£13.22 inc tax)
In stock
Tbot Chain 05B 8mm / metre Specification: Pitch P: 8mm Roller diameter A: 5mm Width between inner plates B: 3mm Pin diameter C: 2.31mm Pin Length D: 8.2mm... Read More
2204 Techno Points

Steel Roller Chain 06B 3/8 In / m

Part No.: 4216-103

Shipping Weight: 410.00 g.

£5.78 (£6.94 inc tax)
In stock
Tbot Chain 06B 3/8" / metre Specification: Pitch P: 9.525mm Roller diameter A: 6.35mm Width between inner plates B: 5.72mm Pin diameter C: 3.28mm Pin Length... Read More
1156 Techno Points

Steel Roller Chain 08B 1/2 In / m

Part No.: 4216-104

Shipping Weight: 700.00 g.

£6.12 (£7.34 inc tax)
In stock
Tbot Chain 08B 1/2" / metre Specification: Pitch P: 12.7mm Roller diameter A: 8.51mm Width between inner plates B: 7.75mm Pin diameter C: 4.45mm Pin Length... Read More
1224 Techno Points

Bicycle Chain 081 1/2 In / m

Part No.: 4216-126

Shipping Weight: 600.00 g.

£3.47 (£4.16 inc tax)
In stock
Stocks Overdue
Tbot Chain 081 1/2" / metre This chain is used in traditional, tourist, children and city bicycles equipped with low slow running hub with brake,... Read More
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